We stand together - We stand for this


At Carolina Center For Spiritual Awakening, we stand together in our core values of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, and working together to live our best life by living the truth we know. This is a universal spiritual truth that there is one power, one presence by whatever name you give it and that power and presence is God, it is love, it is life itself out of which everything is formed. We believe in the unity of all life and the eternal nature of the soul. We believe in the law of mind action also known as the law of attraction that the predominant nature of our thought and feeling state draw like conditions unto us. It is done unto you as you believe. We honor the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, the different Native paths, and all of the world's great religions. 


A community guided by spiritual truth, expressing as Divine love, awakening to our Divine Potential.


To connect, awaken and inspire others to live bold, purposeful lives governed by

love, joy, and kindness by living New Thought principles.